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B is for Battlements - Boy Meets ... Something by Natasha Duncan-Drake - Day 2 #AtoZChallenge


Spooky image of a staircase and a ghost girl with the words "Ghost Stories" over the top and the AtoZ banner in the centre with the letter B

For those not in the know, the AtoZChallenge happens every April and this year is it's 10th anniversary. Bloggers from all over the world post everyday using the letter of the alphabet for that day as a prompt (e.g. A on the 1st, B on the 2nd etc), except for Sundays - hence 26 days. Some of us also have a theme.

This year my theme is ghosts and I am writing flashfic ghost stories for every day, inspired by local haunting in Kent, where I live. Today's location and haunting is the Battlements of Dover Castle.

Story description:

Ben gets lost on a ghost tour of the castle and meets something strange when he ends up on the battlements.

AtoZ Post With Textual Story

To read today's story, check it out at my Tasha's Thinkings Blog:

B is for Battlements - Boy Meets ... Something by Natasha Duncan-Drake - Day 2 #AtoZChallenge

Dramatic Reading of the Story

To listen to it, as read by me, check it out on my Patreon (some days are open to everyone, some are patrons only ):

B is for Boy Meets ... Something - read by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Please do comment and any re-shares are greatly appreciated - many thanks.

I'll be posting links here for the rest of the month too, so look out for new stories.

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