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... okay maybe not :).

Tried out another recipe last night, fillet steak on a mashed potato cake with a red wine, mushroom and madeira sauce. Was yummy, but I think it may have been better with chargrilled chicken than the steak. It also works with just the potato cake and veggies for those averse to meat (I was much more interested in the sauce and the potato than the steak in all honesty ::g::). And the secret of potato cakes is egg white *nods sagely* - held together perfectly.

Wine and Madeira sauce
Equal parts red wine and madeira (how much depends on how much sauce you want :) Also it would probably work with port or sweet sherry as well if you can't get madeira.)
About three button/chesnut mushrooms per person (sliced)
1/2 a small onion per two people (finely diced)
knob of butter
salt and pepper to taste
tspn corn flour to thicken (optional)

Sweat down the onions in a frying pan until soft.
Add the mushrooms and allow to cook through.
Do not allow either to crisp up.
Add the wine and madeira and allow to reduce by half.
Season to taste and melt in the butter so the sauce goes glossy.
Mix the corn flour with a little water and add, stiring vigourously (my beloved likes sauces that have some body, but this works with or without the corn flour).

Mashed Potato Cakes:
2 medium potatos per person (king eds are good for this)
1 egg white per two people
approx 100g of butter per 4 pots
salt and pepper

to cook:
tblsp of oil
egg ring (like a round pasty cutter without the cutting edge - usually non-stick for making fried eggs that are round, best to use one about an inch in height).

Cook potatos until soft.
Mash and add the butter (if you like lots of butter add more, if not add less - its a matter of taste).
Season with salt and pepper as prefered (adding a pinch of nutmeg at this point makes a lovely flavour to go with cream sauces, but not so much with the wine sauce).
Mix in the egg white.
Heat the oil in the frying pan and put in the egg ring and push some of the potato into the ring using a spoon. It best to use tongs to hold the ring in place when doing this to avois burns.
Fry the cake until golden brown on the bottom.
Flip and free from the ring using the tongs and a blunt knife.
Push the cake down so that it become about twice as wide and approx half an inch thick.
Fry until brown and firm on the bottom.
Flip and fry the other side until brown and firm all over.
Tip - two flippers make it much easier to keep the cake in shape when turning it.
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