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Underworld, birthdays and stuff ...

Saw Underworld Evolution last night, and I have two things to say about it: wow and yum ::g::.

Okay, this movie is pure crack!fic made into flesh; I loved every last second. When there was sex towards the beginning of the movie I have to admit to having alarm bells go off in my head since it could have led to the ole cliche where Michael dies and Seline is preggers, BUT they didn't do it. Yay!

Of course after the first big confrontation with Markus the moment they loaded Michael's body into the helecopter it was obvious he wasn't as dead as he looked, but that just made me a happy little camper :). D'you think that if the movie hadn't been written by two guys, or was fanfic, that Seline would have been dubbed a Mary Sue? I think she would, although I wouldn't call her that because she breaks the first rule of the Mary Sue in my book; I like her ::g::. At least she needed help to become all powerful bitch 'you-killed-my-snuggle-bunny' from hell, and I didn't think the big finale was too one sided either. Of course she and Michael were going to win, but it was hard work getting there.

What was nice too is that the movie had stuff for the girls as well as the boys (or boys as well as girls if you swing the other way :)); what with Michael continually losing his clothes and Seline wearing that PVC all the time (except when she wasn't wearing anything at all).

I love this film ... I want to see it again. It had everything from semi-naked leads; through hurt/comfort; right up to ressurecting heroes; and it even had plot. I was most impressed.

If you're not into vampires and werewolves than don't bother, you'll not be interested, but if you are I think you'll like it.

Now on to the birthdays:
Many Happy Returns to
walksbyherself and klo_the_hobbit for today
sm_malfoys and meaikoh for tomorrow
separatrix and litian for the 28th
xyverz, meeshy and krichardson for the 29th
phenix_tears and chriseis for the 30th and
mhalachaiswords for the 31st

Other stuff - my cat has completely lost her voice; it's really rather sweet. It's getting better and she's eating as well as ever so I'm not worried, but the poor love keeps wandering around purring like a traction engine to get attention ::g::.

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