Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Meme - Top ten ways

Well this meme looked fun so I had to have a go :)

Gacked from the entire LJ community:

Meme: Top ten ways to know you're reading a fic by Beren.

1. It's Harry/Draco, mentiones Harry/Draco or at least hints that Harry might very well fancy Draco in some shape or form (mostly).

2. Draco will at some point have a 'distinct opinion' about something. He's a very distinct person, okay? ;)

3. Semicolons are very useful; they allow you to run all sorts of ideas together. Honestly they do; it says so in 'Eats Shoots ...

4. 'Said' is defintely not always the vocal descriptor of choice.

5. I like adjectives and adverbs so there will be plenty.

6. Characters are definitely in love or at least getting there if they're shagging (unless it's a dark fic or humour) because that's just the way I'm wired. Can we say 'romantic'? Love conquers all I tell you ... it does, it does!

7. Harry, oh poor dear Harry, will have something weird and wonderful happening to him. Nothing ordinary for that dear boy. ... What? I don't care if you don't want to be some sort of magical being, Harry, just deal with it. Now be a good muse and shut up for a bit.

8. Draco may be snarky on the outside, but there's a softer side hidden underneath.

9. Bad Latin ... really, really bad Latin, because I remember just enough from school to get it really, really wrong when using the English to Latin translator :).

10. Happy endings; there is no other type of ending, are we clear? ;)

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