Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

It's been mad, mad, mad, mad, mad ....

... but fun.

This weekend has been so busy (and planning for it all last week too). Rob's parents and little brother came to stay on Friday and so on Saturday morning I cooked breakfast. Bacon, eggs ... the usual, but a tip for anyone who has haggis and mashed spud for an evening meal and has left overs - mix them togather and freeze them. With only two of us usually we can never finish off a whole haggis and I froze the remnants last week and fried them up for breakfast on Saturday; it was very nice and Rob's family thought so too even though they had never had haggis before.

Then Sat lunchtime Soph and I took the junior members of the choir out to Pizza Hut. The senior members are all headed out for a meal next week at a resturant, but we didn't think the youngsters would fancy that. They went to the cinema's Sat morning showing and then we took them in the arcade while our table was prepared and then they ate copious amount of pizza and ice cream :). Not our problem if we sent them back to their parents with a sugar rush ::eg::.

Went home and started preparing for the evening - we had a fondue party with Rob's family and mine and a friend. Nine of us with a meat fondue and a cheese fondue; very much fun. Fondue parties really are great social events ::g::. Ron's family went home after that because Steven (his little brother) had a football match the next day. So we fell into bed.

Had to climb out again at eight in the mornin rather than having the usual lie in because originally we hadn't realised that Rob's lot were going home the night before and had offered to host Sunday lunch (we usually go over to my parents', but since we have the space now we can host from time to time as well ::g::). Found this great recipe in the Sainsbury's magazine for roast veggies - it used new potatoes and small parsnips, but I used normal potatoes, medium parsnips and corgettes. You roast everything in a pan with 4 tablespoons of oil for between thirty and forty minutes (I par-cooked the potatoes first for 10 mins to make sure they would be done), then you brush them with a glaze and roast them for another 10-15 mins (or until crispy). The glaze is one clove of garlic, three tablespoons of runny honey and the juice of half a small lemon. Was most yummy.

Then ... yep, the day was not over yet,... we went to some friends' to look at a table and chairs that they were selling (we're going back to make them an offer tonight). And after that we went over to my parents' and up to the church because one of the members of the choir is an expert on costume between 1900 and 1960 and was giving a talk to raise money for choir robes (our robes are 30 years old and badly need replacing). We and Soph were providing the refreshments for after the talk. It was a very good talk, but I could have done with just collapsing in a heap at home :).

Happy Birthday to:
blaneygreenleaf for the 21st
asimplechord and sparkysparky for the 23rd
lildove42, ccmom and watermelon_chic for the 26th
souliesoul for the 28th
lady_of_asheru and xingou for the 29th
then on into Decemeber
cynicalkarma626, clevermomi and jess_darkwater for the 1st
onethirty, red_rahl, bbombay, wren_chan and chera for the 2nd
sexxypirate for the 3rd and
child_labor for the 4th
I do hope you had/have lovely days.

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