Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Sorry I've been absent ...

Last week I was off two days with a cold and then I was making choccies every night like a mad thing for the Autumn Market at church on Saturday. Made £128 for church funds on my stall (is very proud :)).

New kitchen is finished and I will put up piccies as soon as Rob downloads them for me. Used the oven for the first time last night :). The only problem we have now is too many places to put things, which is a very nice change for opening a cupboard and everything falling out because of the eccentric stacking methods that had to be employed to get it all in ::g::.

Levi has taken to making huge leaps from the breakfast bar to the top of the fridge from where he can survey the whole room :). Bijou seems to like the counter tops.

We ordered our new bed on Saturday; a six foot wide one with one of those spaceage memory foam matresses. Can't wait until it arrives. Could be at the end of the month or could be in the new year (depends if they managed to add it on to an order that was already existing or if they have to wait until the next one). I think the salesman couldn't quite believe it when he didn't have to push the sale; we just walked in, pointed at the bed we wanted and took his reccomendation on the matress (they had an offer on and we've been thinking of upgrading to one of the foam ones for about six months ::g::).

Also buying a new car. We decided that we needed a car that we could rely on in the snow (after the disaster of last year), so we're keeping the Brabus for going to work and such because of it's fuel ecconomy and buying a Honda CR-V (4x4) for long journeys and if the weather is really bad. The volvo is a lovely car, but put it on anything but a dry road and its efficiency goes down because it's front wheel drive with too much power. CR-V also has lots of boot space. We were looking at a Discovery 2, but they're just too expensive and the Honda is much better for reliability.

Birthdays - I am so behind, sorry.
Many Happy returns to

imasisara for the 7th
lada_hitam, bansheeqwn,inthefire2002 and shamera for the 8th
swanwitch, dustybin, teacosy, euryleias and saddle_tramp for the 11th
plotqueen and phoenix_starr for the 12th
spinifex_faerie, crazybeutuiful and ponderosa121 for the 13th
eviljade for the 14th
vampsarecool, xrain_princessx and mysteryqueen for yesterday
medalline, nefernat for today
cursive for the 18th and
mercuryfalling, lost_house, 10th, painless_j and irana for the 19th
I hope you all had/have lovely days.

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