Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Mornin' all ... birthdays, extension .... stuff

New project at work has been a little crazy and I've just discovered the joy that is Weiss Kreuz so I've had my nose in fic (it's all toscas_kiss's fault I tell you, nothing to do with my lack of willpower or strange attraction to animated characters). The heros and badguys are assassins, the good guys all have twisted and angsty pasts and the bad guys have freaky powers; what's not to love?

My apologies for not being around :).

Had to pop in today to make sure I did not miss birthdays.

Many Happy Returns of the day to

denitta for today
toxictattoo, blue_hearts, elychari, damn_my_mind, sapphyre_twins and madameceleste70 for the 27th (was there a power cut nine months before that date? ;))
aliciajd for the 29th and
mattimooz, tifsuz and tyger66 for the 31st

I so hope you all have lovely days.

New extension is going well - the new kitchen started going in yesterday. I'm really excited, only two and a half weeks before we can move stuff into it. *squee* The under floor heating is lovely - toasty warm when wandering around in socks. And what's more we have not overstretched our budget. There's probably even enough left for the new bed :).

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