Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hi all ...

Work's been a bit mad thanks to the fact that I'm on hols for the next two days. A friend from the US is visiting so I won't be online properly again until Monday.

So here are the birthdays.
Happy Birthday to
ev01pixy for the 10th
psychobarfly and th_australia for the 11th
calixta9 for the 12th
ninasis, mafan, ravenfrog, babydyke1319, playingwithfyre for the 13th
dragonfly_lily, cordelia_hunter and snarry_fan for the 15th
and hellgirldeity for the 16th.
Many happy returns of the day to all of you.

Watched a truly cracked out film the other night called Wild Zero - it's an asian zombie movie, and it makes popslash look sane (of course considering the band in it are a real band, and there is gay love it could actually be considered popslash) ::eg::. The hero of the piece is called Ace and he worships this three member rock and roll band called Guitar Wolf (also the name of the band leader). These alien space ships turn this town into zombies and our hero ends up there after having been given a "magic" whistle by the band leader to call if he gets into danger.

Now this film has flying saucers, it has zombies (it even has zombie love), it has complete nutters, it has a girl who is actually a boy, it has evil band managers with lightening bolts coming out of their eyes, it has guitars that have swords in them and it has a guy who can kill zombies with glowing guitar picks. All this and the moral of the story is that rock and roll knows no boundaries and can kill aliens, zombies and promote love between two guys (that made the whole film worth while).

It was however the first Japanese movie I have seen that has a happy ending :).

And here I was thinking that some of the western horror films I owned were bizarre.

Also watched Princess Blade (not to be confused with the Princess Bride ::g::) and that was entertaining and sane, though sad at the end.

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