Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays for the next weeks

I'm going away on Wednesday for a few days and I'm swamped at home and at work getting ready so I'm doing all the birthdays for the next week now :). So Happy Birthday to
pombagira and tsukired for today,
radeliamalfoy for the 27th,
dacro, hearts_n_roses and fayaslam for the 28th,
heliopath, lerah99 and simmysim for the 29th
moonlettuce (see you at the con), cracknanny and julia_aka_jj for the 30th and
skyedragon for the 2nd October.

I hope you all have the most marvelous birthdays imaginable *hugs*.

Oh, and just one last thing:

Isn't he the gayest super hero you've seen in a long time? ;)

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