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  • Thu, 12:19: Okay writers of Twitter - what is your cast iron cure for writer's block? Personally I go off and write something e…
  • Thu, 12:19: RT @digitalspy: Stranger Things season 3 on Netflix: release date, cast, theories, plot and everything you need to know...
  • Thu, 14:31: Dracula's attentions left their mark on Mina Harker and her children, now it is time for her great-great-granddaugh…
  • Thu, 15:49: Ummm ... have anyone else's blogger stats suddenly gone up by a significant percentage - like 200-300% ?
  • Thu, 15:50: RT @pighilltweets: Historians claim things like war, disaster and doctrine, have stymied human artistic development. But mostly it's just b…
  • Thu, 16:28: 12 July 2000 - Champions, The - Vol. 1 - Episodes 1 And 2 - The Beginning / The Invisible Man (1968)
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