Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Interests meme

LJ Interests meme results

  1. crossovers:
    I adore crossovers when they are written well. Throwing one set of characters into a universe where they face perils they do not understand just pushes all of my buttons.
  2. fandom:
    Well, hell, I'm in it :).
  3. harry potter fan art:
    I do attempt fanart every now and then, and I love to look at it, be it manips or drawings.
  4. jean claude:
    The prettiest vampire known to man - he's from the Anita Blake universe, has wavy black hair, midnight blue eyes and the ability to give orgasms just will a kiss. What is not to love?
  5. molly weasley:
    Harry's one and only mother figure.
  6. pomfrey:
    If Madame Pomfrey wanted to rule to world...
  7. seekers:
    They seek him here ... oops wrong fandom :). Lithe young things in leather and robes; need I say more?
  8. the chamber of secrets:
    Not the greatest book, but the film did really begin my Harry Potter obsession.
  9. twincest:
    "There's nothing icky about Twincest" :) Fred and George are the best.
  10. zombies:
    Can't have a good Anita Blake story without zombies in it somewhere.

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