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Hi all ...

I apologise for the lack of updates, I've been on a PC at work with no internet access for the last week or so and I was staying with my parents while my beloved was in Holland for work and had no internet access in the evenings either (well without using my dear Papa's really uncomfortable office chair that is ::g::).

I've also been making VB Serge bookmarks and trying to finish the graphical version of my last VB Serge story for a con I'm going to at the end of the month, so I've not been online much at home even though hubby is back on English soil now. There is a spot to pimp one's fandom at the end of the con and VB Serge really needs some more people in it so I'm going with the idea that show people the pretty naked anime men and they might be enticed ::g::.

Okay, so to other news.
thwax, my beloved twin (and beta reader) has finished posting her epic (and I mean epic; 79 chapters). So go read it :):
Title: Moment By Moment
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Voldemort and his followers have won the war. The Dark Lord rules Britain and those who oppose him are scattered, some in exile in the USA, and others underground in their own country. Harry Potter is one of those for whom America has become a home, that is until his nemesis is given a promise by those who represent authority for the exiled Britons. The promise will lead Harry into more than he could ever have expected.

Now all the birthdays:
Many Happy returns to ...

toscas_kiss for the 9th,
anmkosk, tdarlene for the 11th,
aidenfire for the 12th,
draconianangel, elfflame, ms_mindfunk for the 13th,
doctorjonesy for the 14th,
thallos for the 16th,
ericamalfoy for the 17th,
bloodstaindnght for the 18th

I do hope you had lovely birthdays.

And Happy Birthday for today to arrmaitee.
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