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  • Sat, 15:50: There's only one prob with my mouse - the old one gave a clue when the batteries were about to die - not this one, just GONE surprise! :P
  • Sun, 10:50: Tasha's Thinkings: Delicious Sticky Ginger Cake - Now with images! :)
  • Sun, 11:00: RT @alwaystheself: The United States has consistently treated white supremacist terrorists with more sympathy and respect than civil rights…
  • Sun, 11:01: RT @soledadobrien: In case you're wondering if President Trump inspires neo-nazis--this is from their publication The Daily Stormer: https:…
  • Sun, 11:02: RT @ShaunKing: My Latest. Trump caused Charlottesville. These are his supporters. They are emboldened by him. Following his lead. https:/…
  • Sun, 11:17: Recipe: Delicious Sticky Chocolate and Treacle Cake
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    It's constantly open on one of my three monitors, so I check it every time I look over at it or notice the popup which tells me I have new mail.…

  • Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

    A Christmas Carol - either the Patrick Stewart version or the Muppets' version :). I just love the story to pieces.

  • Writer's Block: Going for the throat

    Now, y'see that's not an easy question because it really depends on what type of vampire you're talking about. You didn't really expect me to just…

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