Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

A question about comms ...

I'm behind again - I should stop going away for the weekend :).

Happy Birthday to:
draco_crescendo, muerteoctomonky, tarotemp and vichan for the 19th,
laureselde and save_le_empire for the 20th,
evalinece, lincolnkw, selenelaluna, tamaralm30 and the_owlcat for the 23rd
pumpkinstine, soberloki and the lovely starlaces for today.
Many Happy returns to you all.

Now to my question ... is there a comm around for authors to put up WiPs for adoption? I was reading through some fics on last night and was dismayed to find that some of the stories had no been updated in years and it got me thinking. Everyone has had stories that they were really enthusiastic about and then the inspiration left them, or their life has changed so they have no time to write anymore, some of us have posted them and some haven't, but what I was wondering is, is there anywhere we can put these up in case some one else wishes to finish them? I'm not talking about bunnies here because I know there are comms for adopting bunnies, I'm talking about WiPs - fic with a few chapters under its belt.

If there is, please could someone point me at it (I have a vague notion there is one somewhere, but I can't remember anything about it) :).
If not would anyone else be interested in a comm such as this, either as an adopter or someone who wishes to have their fic finished?

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