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Sorry, have been distracted the last few days with work - but I'm almost done now :).

To the Birthdays: Many Happy Returns of the day to batgirl52 for the 13th,
silvertoekee for the 14th,
thrnbrooke for the 15th and
epigram for today. I so hope you had/have good birthdays. *hugs*

Approved memeberships to my update mailing list this morning and discovered something that made me smile; there are now 1001 people on my mailing list :). Ever since I allowed it to be listed in the index the numbers seem to have gone up really fast. Of course there are still the people who don't send me their age statements who get bumped by the system after 14 days, but there's not a lot I can do about that ::g::.

Went to a concert where Soph works on Sunday evening (outdoors and it rained, but was fun none the less). It was a classical concert and it started with this young thing who looked like she'd be more at home with a pop group until she opened her mouth - wow was she good. Poor dear had to cope with the worst of the rain too. Then there was this young lady who had started off her career in classical, been in Hear Say and was now back to classical; she played the piano, and she was fabulous. Next came Aled Jones and he was brilliant; can that man sing. I had no idea he was married, let alone a father of two (his son has only just been born and there were jokes about boy sopranos and exploiting them at around the age of nine ::g::). He has his own radio show on Classic FM these days and the way he connects with the crowd, you can tell - personally I think he should have been top of the bill, but that spot went to Amici Forever. They were good, but not as good as Aled.

My major problem with Amici Forever is that the dark haired English chap who sings tenor, from a distance, looks just like Sheppard (SGA) and I kept expecting guns to be drawn ::g::. Or for a whiny Canadian to show up and drag him off the stage ;).

The whole concert was very civilised; we turned up with out picnic, chairs and waterproofs and had a great time - other than being a little damp :). If I see an Aled Jones concert advertised in the area I'm going, because he really was fabulous.

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