Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Dolls, pimpage and birthdays, oh my!

Thanks to krichardson for pointing me at the doll maker and the delightful dolls other people have made for HP: mhalachaiswords has some very amusing Sues here and nimori has some great versions of the HP characters here. I was inspired to have a go, so I present to you Seraphim!Harry and Seraphim!Draco :).
(I know the wings aren't right, but the only leathery wings were really small)

Also, for those who are following malachaiswords's Inevtiable - there are lots more chapters up (which you probably know, but I thought I'd give those of you who are behind like me the heads up :)). The latest entry about it is here.

My lovely, talented friend dacro has been at it again (I missed so much while I was away). Firstly there is Waste Not (PG) a Twins/Willy Wonka drabble, then there is Frilly Sacks and Freckles (PG-13) a just perfect Ginny/Hermione fic and to top it all off there is Tall Tales and a Good Curry (G) a HP/Red Dwarf xover.

And finally on to the birthdays. Many Happy Returns to a_brighter_dawn, araythea, sibylle and xanateria. I hope you all have lovely birthdays.
Tags: info: dolls, info: general

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