Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Well I'm back ...

I've been back from Scotland since Sunday, but I've had a rather nasty sinus infection (colds go to my ears rather than coming out in sniffles anymore) so I've been sleeping mostly. My ears still feel like they're stuffed with cotton wool, but the headache and pressure are gone so I feel a whole lot better. Olbas oil is my friend :).

The builders started on our extension yesterday so the place where we used to park the cars looks like a mountain with a deep valley next to it :). I did not really appreciate being woken up because they needed to measure the floor level when they had said they would not be needing to get into the house, but there you go. I would have offered them tea and the like over the course of the day, but I didn't really want to risk giving them the cold - Rob tried very hard not to give it to me, but he managed to give it to at least one other person at the wedding as well so I didn't want to risk it.

Now, I have missed so many birthdays, so please allow me to catch up :).

Happy Birthday day to:
damn_imasquib and sang_dencre for the 2nd,
asylumangel, erisedraine, ignescent and justinssunshine for the 3rd,
winstonmom for the 4th,
indigo_kitti, michelle_3302 and nekoeyes for the 5th
reseh for the 6th,
leairan for the 7th,
ravencloud for the 8th and
darkprincedm and duowolf for the 9th
I hope you all had lovely days.

Now, what have I missed? If there is something I should see, please comment and let me know because looking at my friends list I know that I'm going to miss lots.

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