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Seeking Harry/Draco Fan Artists

Seeking Harry/Draco Fan Artists

Okay, so I mentioned the Wattpad Drarry community I am involved in helping to set up.

The thing about Wattpad is that book covers are important, unlike a site like AO3 or LJ. A story without one is much less likely to get reads and one that pops out at people is kind of important.

There is a cover creator that authors can use at Wattpad, but it's very basic, so what we'd like to do is add a section of the comm where fanartists can link up with authors to create covers. Think of it a bit like the fests that pair authors and artists. We might even run a reverse one in the future where authors submit stories for artwork (makes a note to suggest that).

Artists would of course then be credited in the book the author puts up. There is already a long tradition of this on Wattpad and we would like to carry it forward into the fandom comm.

We are also planning a book for fanart as well, so artists will be able to submit pieces for that if they wish.

Don't worry, one of the things we are very, very clear on, is that no fiction or art will be posted without the author/artist's permission.

If you are interested, please comment and I'll get back to you.
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