Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays 26th Dec - 1st Jan

Sorry this is late - had people staying and have only just managed to get back online.

Happy Birthday to:
26th: corvidae9, lupin_spirit, paraboobizarre
27th: rozenmakai, malpomme
28th: i_llbedammned, therealstanlee, disco_mouse, ks_darkstorm
29th: sgcp90, margi_lynn,[personal profile] majoline
30th: belelfmir, peki
31st: saffronra,[personal profile] scribbulus_ink
1st: midnightangel70,[personal profile] ocea,[personal profile] missakins/missakins, kristianabel22,[personal profile] jnnymdsn, angelofmercy, saigestar, being_elspeth

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

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