Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I can type! :)

And I am pain free. Thank you for all the well wishes and advice about the eyes and the shoulder. My beloved has been pampering me and I think it must have been a tension knot that bruised the muscle because massaging it out and then dosing it with pain killer gel seems to have done the trick. Haven't had a chacne to try the G&T fix for the eyes, but I might give it a go anyway even though my eyes are almost behaving again because, well y'know, it's an excuse for a G&T ::g::. Thank you all *hugs*, it has been most frustrating not to be able to play online properly and your kind words have been lovely. I think perhaps I shall draft my husband as cheif back unknotter from now on to make sure it doesn't happen again ::g::.

Y'know, I'm sure semagic told me there were some birthdays today, but I went to the online birthday page and there aren't any listed. Anyone know how to get semagic to tell you the birthdays again just so I can check if I'm going bonkers?

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