Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Blast from the past :)

Just rediscovered my account at :)

I think it was blocked or something from where I used to do my posting, so I mostly forgot about it, but then someone commented on one of my HP fics there today and so I went to check it out. Have updated my profile and everything :).

I had totally forgotten that I was in the middle of posting Black Magic By Moonlight when I lost access. It has been languishing there with only 10 out of the 35 chapters for at least ten years. Oops - it's now all up to date.

I have also nearly finished the repost of GTS to Wattpad - last 4 chapter to post tomorrow.

Is anyone else on Wattpad? I need more friends over there and links to interesting stories.
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Tags: fandom: harry potter

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