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How is everyone doing at NaNoWriMo?

Is everyone doing okay at NaNo? I imagine my US friends have more important things to worry about today. Good luck with the election.

My NaNo is actually going really well, although it did grow a whole new subplot. I knew the beginning was missing something, one of the reasons I was having so much trouble with it. So I sat and thought about it and decided to go with the adage, if in doubt, ramp up the tension :). Seems to be working.

Defence, Pretence, Offence looks like it's going to be 56 chapters so far. This doesn't make it hugely longer than GTS (40 chapters) because I'm going for smaller chapters for this one so they fit more easily on Wattpad (it's a culture thing rather than a hard limit thing). Wattpad readers like smaller chunks and I've had to divide some of GTS's chapters to fit the format for them, hence making sure all of the chapters are about right in DPO straight away :).

However, the rate I'm going I think DPO will be about 30K longer than GTS in the end - especially with the new subplot. Parts that were just filling and one scene have turned into three or four and I'm going to have to add in even more to play the whole thing out. Hopefully it will be worth it. Of course I only have a vague idea on how to resolve the subplot, but I will figure it out - LOL.

How is everyone else doing with their writing, NaNo or otherwise? All going well?

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