Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Okay I have officially lost it.

I see some people wondering why I have only just realised this :).

First off Happy Birthday to gblvr, have a lovely day.

Secondly, I have succumbed to my new obsession - I am determined to lift the profile of Virus Buster Serge in an attempt to convince my freinds to write fic ::g::. To this end I have created a comm: vb_serge with lots of pretty pics in the user info to brainwash anyone looking at it ::g::.

Pretty boys and pretty girls, what's not to love?
You have Raven/Serge for the deep meaningful, with lots of skeletons in the cupboard relationship.
There's Erika/Mirei for the femslashers, or Erika/Lily, Mirei/Lily if you want a bit of a dominatrix angle.
Raven/Milan, Raven/Dona, Milan/Dona and Raven/Milan/Dona for anyone who wants to write past history fic, or even Virus induced sex.
There's Jouichirou/Serge for the conflict, snarky angle.
Macus/Serge and Macus/Jouichirou for the slightly older man/subordinate dynamic.
Erika/any of the chaps for het shippers and Erika/Serge for the OTPers
And there's even Raven/Macus for the incest kink.

Put this together with a Virus that can infect human and machine and make them do all sorts of things, link that with cybernetic suits that make users super human and you have a recipe for wonderful stuff.

How can this anime not have a fandom? (Do I sound too obsessed?)
Tags: char: serge

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