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It's turning cold! + Stuff + Dead Before Dawn Ch3

I think it may be slipper weather.

I can't wear my slippers in the summer because they are full boot, fluffy ones and they are too warm, but there is definitely a chill in the air now. My only problem is I can't remember where I put them :) Oops. I found one, but I'm pretty sure it's the one surviving one from the old pair that developed a large hole. It also looks like it has been savaged by a ferocious kitty!

I am royally pissed off with the latest Win10 update. It seems to have broken my alarms. I use the alarm clock on windows to tell me to go do things at various times and just now I shut off an alarm and every time I right clicked on something else it came back!

It also seems to have made the lets-open-windows-on-screens-you-don't-have even worse! It used to do it if I'd used a memory intensive program like Photoshop, but now it seems to be completely random. Problem is, it crashes Word. Everything else copes, I just have to right click on the task bar icon while hitting shift and then telling it to move to one of the actual monitors. It doesn't actually put it on the monitor I selected, but it does then put it on an actual screen.

The only way to fix it is to change the display settings of one of the monitors to portrait and then revert it - this seems to make it reset everything so it knows where the actual screens are!

It's Tuesday, which means a new chapter of Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse.

Dead Before Dawn: The Vampire Curse on Wattpad

Chapter 3 - Dawn

Will Max survive dawn or will the vampire infection take over?

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