Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays and Spoilers

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was doing modly things on hpvamp during my post to LJ time :).

So Happy Birthday to midnytebloodlus and quirkerstein for yesterday and to
spacetweenears for today. I hope you have/had a lovely day with lots of jelly and icecream (or whatever it is that you like on your birthday ;)). I've been a sucker for jelly and icecream since I was five - lime jelly and chocolate icecream to be precise :).

Now onto the thrilling topic of HBP spoilers. Personally I am not averse to spoilers - yes I am one of those people who reads the back of the book almost as soon as they've read the front, BUT there are a lot of people who watch this LJ, so there are a few rules to make sure those who do not like spoilers are not subjected to them.

If I post spoilers they will be behind an lj-cut and there will be big letters on the post somewhere mentioning that there are spoilers in it. Anyone replying to a post like this may mention spoilers because anyone reading it has been warned. All other posts will remain spoiler free - so if you comment on a non-spoiler post please do not drop the bombshell that Dumbledore has shacked up with Minerva in the Astronomy tower and Hagrid ran away with Snape in chapter 3 and Harry had been running the school since with Draco as his love toy, 'cause, like there are some people that really don't want to know :).

I'm afraid I will have to delete any comments that have spoilers on non-spoiler posts.

Thank you for your indulgence.
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