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Birthdays 12th - 18th Sep + Imzy & Vampires

Happy Birthday to:
12th: [personal profile] aidenfire, [personal profile] stilinskisms
13th: elfflame, ms_mindfunk, draconianangel, 14th: imsodirtyhoney
15th: rhinemaiden, xenelle, solookup
16th: superfirechild,[personal profile] kieslin, abykitten
17th: ericamalfoy,[personal profile] misterwalnut
18th: bloodstaindnght,[personal profile] romerose

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Imzy & Vampires

So I may have mentioned that I started a comm on Imzy for all things vampire, including original fiction and novels: Mutli-Fandom Vampires.

Every Monday we have Monday Morning Musings - which basically means I ask a question and hope people will answer it :) This mornings is "Who is your favourite vampire?"

If you don't have an Imzy account, don't worry - it is very easy to get one. All you have to so is go to the comm link (Mutli-Fandom Vampires) and put in your email then click the "request an invite" button. This will launch an email to me and I'll send you an invite to join Imzy and the comm.

There's really quite a good community starting up over there and we can talk to each other as well as post pretty pics etc! They're also doing their very best to add features fandom really want.

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