Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Morning all :).

I hope everyone is well today.

I have been lax in posting birthdays again, I'm very sorry it was one of those weeks again last week, and Thursday rather zapped my enthusiasm for anything. So here's what I missed.

Happy birthday to:
maddirose, rowen_r,ctpaul860 and written_mayhem for the 6th,
lillian78 for the 8th,
jak_quill for the 9th,
wingedbishi for the 10th and
ashesinthewind and wickedfish for today.
Many Happy returns to you all.

Now on to other stuff - did anyone see Thoughtcrimes last week (on one of the Sky movie channels), it's about this telepathic young woman who ends up working for the NSA. It's an entertaining movie, but for the Atlantis fans (who probably already know), Joe Flanigan is is it. He plays this Mulderish character and is highly entertaining. Liked it so much I went out and bought the DVD from Play as soon as it finished.

Also for the anime fans - anyone watch Virus Buster Serge? I bought the box set on Play because it was going cheap and it's really rather good. It has a character with the gayest outfit I've ever seen in it (I'm sure Macus borrowed his outfit from the Village People - and let's not talk about the semi-naked pose on the motorcycle in the titles ::g::) - and there's all these beautiful men and only two girls. If Raven hasn't shagged at least one of his subbordinates I will be most surprised, and either he's related to Serge or there's a torrid love affair in their somewhere - possible a threesome with the ethereal young lady Raven keeps going to talk to ;).

As you can probably tell, I haven't seen it all yet, and Serge and Raven's history is all deep and mysterious. Anyone know where to find slash for it? I looked on Google, but most of the links for it were out of date.

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