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Dreams and Pokemon GO and Recipe


I thought I'd continue the theme of dreams, since I've mentioned them two days running. This morning's one (which is the only one I remember) was weird. I ended up at this sale of all sorts of junk and it was stacked in these really high metal shelves, like in a warehouse, only surrounded by lots of open space.

The only bit I can explain was rummaging through some clothing jumble and finding all my own clothes. This is because I forgot to put the undies out to dry yesterday and it was playing on my mind :) - that and my fabulous new trousers. I now have 3 pairs of the ones I mentioned yesterday from M&S.
Pokemon GO

I have not yet experienced the wonders of Pokemon GO. I have something of a drawback - no phone. I doubt the phone I am going to get will be compatible either since it will be Soph's old one which is Rob's from two phones ago.
Pokemon Go

However, it is lovely to see so many people enjoying it so much. Very few things bring people together and this seems to. In fact I have only seen one negative post about it so far (excluding the news, which of course is trying to make clickbait out of everything as usual). To all my friends playing, I hope you are having lots of fun.

Unfried Chinese Rice

I did Chinese chicken yesterday for tea and served it with this recipe for unfried Chinese Rice and it's was really nice. I left out the ham, since it was a side dish and it still worked beautifully. Easy to make veggie and gluten free too.
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