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Woohoo - I found a pair of comfy trousers


I mean that deserves a post all on it's own, right? :)

So many trousers on the high street these days do not take into account that larger sizes mean the body in them is going to be a different shape. I have an arse, it needs somewhere to fit into :D.

Marks and Spenser straight leg joggers are awesome - not only do they come in many lengths, but they take into account the rear end too. They don't have pockets, but then you can't have everything ;).

More Dreams

My dreams last night were not as interesting as the night before, but then I didn't actually get that much sleep - too hot!

They did involve Ghostbusters - so win - but the only bit I remember was something to do with a college ladies loo at some kind of convention. Not exactly hard hitting, exciting stuff :).

Chicken Shawarma

I made chicken schawama for dinner last night from this recipe: Chicken shawarma flatbreads with yogurt recipe. It was delicious and perfect for the end of a really hot day. I used low fat yogurt and wholemeal wraps as well, so it was good for us too. Rob ate 2.5 wraps and they weren't little wraps either, so he really liked it. First time I have used sumac as a spice - yummy.

I'm having fond Avengers memories now :).

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