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Pimpage in the morning :)

Firstly I have the delightful task of pimping my dear sister's new fic (this is the sister that turns my fics from a disaster of typos into something actually readable :g::). This is her 'epic' - she started writing it around the same time I wrote GTS and has finally just about finished it, hence the beginning of posting. So, if you want a nice dose of angst then this is for you, and trust me I mean angst; the 11 chapters up at the moment will drag you up and down like a yoyo (but its not all down, promise). Oh and the question marks in the chapter listing don't mean she hasn't written it yet, just that she hasn't names the chapters. She only goes through and does that just before she sends it to me for beta.

Title: Moment by Moment
Author: Thwax (she lives up to her name)
Summary: Voldemort and his followers have won the war. The Dark Lord rules Britain and those who oppose him are scattered, some in exile in the USA, and others underground in their own country. Harry Potter is one of those for whom America has become a home, that is until his nemesis is given a promise by those who represent authority for the exiled Britons. The promise will lead Harry into more than he could ever have expected.
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Chapter Listing:

Secondly, I have negelected the birthdays over the last few days, my appologies.
Happy Birthday to ryo_akuinenn and tarotgoddess108 for Saturday,
arderei, lasairfhiona and yougouptown for Sunday,
ivyadrena and scarlett_carrey for yesterday and
digitalwave and ellethgur for today. I hope very much that you all had/have wonderful days.
Tags: person: thwax

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