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Birthdays 4th - 10th July

Happy Birthday to:

4th: thorlay/[personal profile] thorlay
5th: digitalwave,[personal profile] digitalwave,ellethgur
6th: ctpaul860,[personal profile] bethac,maddirose, lattebiscotti
7th: roane
8th: khaleesian, splix, lillian78
9th: nenne/[personal profile] nenne, jak_quill, veritas03
10th: chriszac, wingedbishi,beadslut

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Managed to bang my thumb between a weight and a chair during my PT session on Saturday - now it has a purple lump and feels very weird whenever I try to use it. I think I may have tweaked my back a little too because my little toe is numb. It looks perfectly pink and healthy, so I must have caught a nerve or something. *sigh* Getting old, that's what it is :)

Went to a lovely 80th bday party yesterday - sat out in the garden under a lovely marquee and chatted and had wonderful food. Made lemon/lime vodka trifles for one of the deserts and they went down a treat :) Will post the recipe over at Tasha's Thinkings tomorrow for Tips Tuesday.
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