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Horror, Cats, Tennis and Sleeping :)


Saw the oddest horror film the other day called The ABCs of Death - it's an anthology film where 26 different film makers used a letter of the alphabet and a word as their prompt and came up with 26 very different snippets. It makes some of them very esoteric in nature. I was underwhelmed by many of them. There is an argument that art is art, but in this case, some of the time, art is boring IMHO.
ABCs of Death


Ruby is our problem child, at the moment :). She has taken to leaping from the kitchen counter, on to the fridge and then onto the top of the kitchen cabinets. I think it started because she was curious, however, now it is the classic "Daddy notice me!". She only does it when Rob is home because she got stuck the first time and he helped her down. Now she wants him to help her down all the time.

We have started to ignore her when she does it so she gets the message that Rob is not at her beck and call 24/7 :). 


I had totally forgotten that Wimbledon started this week and I am very much looking forward to seeing Djokovic play since I missed him on Monday. Caught Federer because by the end of Monday I had realised :) Not so much looking forward to watching Roger play our chap today though - I think Willis' (world 772 :)) dream winning streak might be coming to an end when he comes up against the #3 seed. I hope very much he acquits himself well - he's been playing up a storm, but I suspect Federer will put him out.


I have been having a bad week as far as sleeping goes, bad two weeks actually. I think it a combination of things, but over all the sticky heat. However, last night I finally got a good night's sleep. Yay! My head it full of cotton wool this morning and I had to find my glasses so I could focus, but that's because my brain is refusing to wake up :).

Unfortunately, when I don't sleep it affects my productivity, so I haven't gotten as much done over the last couple of weeks as I would have liked. It's ironic that is was a short story idea going round and round and round in my head that kept me awake the night before last.

Hope you are all well.

Seen any good, or alternatively, really terrible horror movies lately? How about the tennis - who do you think will win Wimbledon this year?
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