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Birthdays 27th June - 3rd July

Happy Birthday to:

27th: fade_into_dark,[personal profile] goldylost, ladymoonray
28th: harrysdragoness, danishgirl
29th: dmitchell1985
1st: silver89kitten,[personal profile] dariasilver
2nd: rigel7, dreamsofspike
3rd: lasairfhiona/[personal profile] lasairfhiona, callili,[personal profile] callywaggy, yougouptown,[personal profile] jazz

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Other things - Brexit

I very much hope the idiocy of some of my fellow UK citizens has not had a detrimental effect on any of you. The sheer number of people going, "well if I'd known, I wouldn't have voted leave" is positively breathtaking. Let's hope there is a big enough outcry over the complete lies and total lack of any kind of plan that this idiocy can be reversed. Maybe then the pound might recover.

For the record I think the EU needs a big shakeup, there are too many people making too much money for there not to be a lot of corruption going on. But taking our ball and leaving the playground it like cutting off our nose to spite our face.

If you did happen to vote leave and have changed your mind - write to your MP and tell them why. None of this is set in stone - it has to be ratified by parliament and if enough people voice their displeasure then it never has to go through. Also, sign the petition - it's already at 3.68million.

Also, whether you voted leave or remain, make sure the racist arseholes, who now think it's okay to yell at anyone who isn't exactly like them, know that it really, really isn't.

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