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Writing and a bad horror movie :)

Soph and I are doing the whole "Ladies that Lunch" thing today :) Should be fun.

Of course it means I won't get much work on the novel done today. I am almost done with the alpha read, just sorting out those little - 'oh, I changed my mind about that' moments and the obvious typos before it goes to my alpha readers. It takes much longer than normal reading because I have to go so slowly so I don't miss things :) Sometimes my brain is too impatient and I have to go back and read bits again.

Next will be the read it outloud stage - the cats are going to love that - NOT! :)

Recording extracts is always fun too, because Ruby and Amber have to come see who I'm talking to and ask me questions. Both of them can make very loud noises when they want to. Don't you just love concerned kitties? :D

Bad Horror Film

I saw a terrible film yesterday - well, okay, not completely terrible, just not gripping (it's better than some I have seen): The Merchant (aka Devil's Deal).

The problem was it didn't make a whole lot of sense and I couldn't really be bothered to watch it because none of the characters grabbed me. Probably would have made more sense if I hadn't been fast forwarding large chunks because I was bored :). The beginning was really promising - low budget, but it looked like it was going to be interesting, unfortunately it went downhill from there. I recognised some of the cast, but I have no idea from where :)

Seen any terrible movies lately? I'd love to share your pain :)
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