Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Morning all :).

The results from the sorting poll - seems I am officially a Slytherin, followed by a Ravenclaw :). Does this make me an evil genius? ;) Oh and I'm furthest away from Hufflepuff which surprised me given my self professed romantic streak and love of happy endings ::g::. What was more worrying was that 17 people thought I was too odd to be sorted, including a large percentage of the people I know in real life ;).

Soph has a new signature at the bottom of her email which I so love:
"...the world of grammar is divided into 'berks and wankers' - berks being those who are outrageously slipshod about language, and wankers those who are abhorrently over-precise...everyone except yourself is a berk or a wanker!"
Lynne Truss paraphrasing Kingsley Amis - Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Isn't it so true ::g::

Happy Birthday to pink_grrl and silver89kitten, I hope you both have lovely days.

[Edit: I forgot - Happy Canada day to all my Canadian friends]

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