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Birthdays 6th - 12th June and Cats

Happy Birthday to:

6th: halatia, drjenny88, confusedreality/[personal profile] confusedreality, the_red_queen, morganmuffle/[personal profile] morganmuffle
7th: vlredreign, kitty_z_finn, denebides
8th: darks_nightsky, queixo
9th: [personal profile] madam_minnie
11th: meninaiscrazy, titacats/[personal profile] titacats
12th: kitsune, nevcolleil, bishieobsessed, calanor/[personal profile] calanor

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Other Stuff :)

Managed to actually take a photo yesterday that wasn't completely terrible :) Ruby and Rob were communing at the table.

Ruby and Rob

I also, totally accidentally caught it on video too, by randomly pushing buttons  :) As you will hear from the audio on the clip, it really was totally by chance as I was actually trying to take a photo. :D

I'm honestly not as technically challenged as the video makes me sound - I just don't know my way around Rob's phone - especially when it was Ruby who turned it on by accidentally stepping on it :).

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