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Shopping Achieved and Why I'm Upset With Disney


So have achieved the weekend shop - y'know that little top up shop to make sure there is something in the fridge for Sat and Sun and all the things I forgot to buy on Monday. It was very straight forward today and so easy to get to the shops because there are no schools in session. Everything was eerily empty :)

Holidaying Parents

My parents are supposed to be going to visit my cousin in France on Monday, but we're not sure they're going to be able to go. What with the petrol shortage and the strikes and now the flooding. It's all looking a little doubtful. Fingers crossed it improves over the weekend, for their sake and all the poor people trying to live through it in France.

Cheapskate Disney

I am most annoyed with Disney or whoever it is they have licensed to anyway. I used to buy Marvel Avengers socks from Sports Direct. They were hard wearing and comfy. I went in the other day to get some more and picked up some Muppet ones at the same time.
Marvel Socks

Then I tried to wear them!

They have changed how they make them. The material is thinner and cheaper, so now they have to have this really tight elastic to keep them on, which hurts my legs too much to wear. Because I have very minimal muscle on my calves, thank to my fixed ankles, tight elastic is really a problem.

I used to love those socks and now they've ruined them. The ones in the piccie are the old style with the nice wide band at the top, that was just elastic enough to hold them in place, but not tight. Cheapskates!


Also just discovered Scamalot on Youtube - hilarious. This chap, James Veitch, has been replying to spammers over email and the results are so very, very funny. There are 6 vids at the moment and here is #1:

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