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Grottiness, Writing and Evil Children


So about half ten or so yesterday morning I began to feel rather grotty. My stomach has not been right all week and I thought it was something I ate, but I think now it might have been a virus of some kind and yesterday was the culmination. So much so that I took myself to bed for most of the afternoon and still slept like a log all night. Feel much better today though, just got no writing done yesterday at all :(


I so want to finish my latest novel. I only have a little over a chapter to go. Of course it's the climax scenes that I have left to write, though, so it's taking twice as long as it should because I keep changing my mind on how exactly I want it to go.

Once the first draft is done it will be time for the alpha read where I make sure I haven't done anything silly and I'll give it to my alpha readers to see what they think. Then I'll have to put it aside for a while before beta reading it.

Evil Children

So when I wasn't asleep yesterday afternoon I was lazing around in bed watching a horror movie called Wicked Little Things.
Wicked Little Things

Now this is a really well done horror - it's creepy in so many ways.

It's set in Pennsylvania, in the mountains, where in 1913 a mine, which employed many of the local children, collapses due to the direct actions of the mine's owner, who was later acquitted of wrong doing. Flash forward to the present day and Karen Tunny and her two daughters are moving into her late husband's old family home on the mountain. Only problem is the children from the mine might be dead, but they're still on the mountain and they like to eat people as they strive for revenge against the owner of the mine and his descendants.

The creepiest thing about this movie is the zombie children aren't growling monsters with their flesh falling off. They just look like children. They don't move super fast or anything like that, they just work as a pack and use their mining tools to bring down their prey and then rip it up. They act like animals in little people shaped packages and they make no noise.

This is also a horror movie with a really satisfying ending. If there is one thing Hollywood is bad at, it's ending horror movies, but this one is perfect.

Worth seeing if you like this kind of thing.

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