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Birthdays 23rd - 29th May and stuff

Happy Birthday to:

23rd: mangobiscuit
24th: naruke_chan,[personal profile] calime, scary_rob, ragdollwhore, jewelle_sprite
25th: heard_the_owl, desolate_noir, aeron_lanart
26th: hellish_icons,[personal profile] nursedarry/nursedarry, laila2605
27th: magdelena1969
28th: mctabby/[personal profile] mctabby, ravenpan, saladbats/[personal profile] saladbats
29th: falconoflight,[personal profile] thegingerninja

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Other stuff:

Had a pleasant weekend, but boy to I ache today. I had my personal trainer session on Saturday and I was silly enough to ask for a core only session. If I cough or sneeze it really hurts - LOL. It's not as bad as last time I asked for a core session though - so I know I'm getting better at these things. Steve really is a great PT - he knows when to push and when not to.

Rob did his first 10K run this weekend too. He managed it in just over 1hr5mins and he was running with our friend Claire and her knee went on the final hill and they had to slow down for mud and stuff, so he reckons they could have done it in under 1hr in perfect circumstances. I am most proud of him :).

Things I have posted elsewhere:

You all know I love vampires, right? Of course you do :). Well today I have compiled a list of terrible vampire films I have seen/own so you don't have to share my pain ::g::

Fangs, But No Thanks - 10 Terrible Vampire Films #MonsterMondays 36

Y'know if I can't bring myself to watch a vampire movie again, it's got to be pretty bad ;)

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