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Fandoms lacking fanfic ... *pout*

I am really getting into South Korean dramas at the moment, but I mourn the fact there seems to be very little fanfic for the ones I really like. There are a total of 8 stories on AO3 for the series I am interested in.

My favourite 2 are Vampire Prosecutor (2 seasons - which I talked about back in Feb) and Cheo Yong - Ghost Seeing Detective which I have been raving about today over at my Tasha's Thinkings blog.

Vampire Prosecutor Cheo Yong

They hit so many of my buttons. Both are police procedural dramas, kinda, but with the added extra of one having a vampire as the main protagonist and the other having the lead being able to see ghosts. The clues are in the names :)

They also have very handsome, stoic leads and great ensemble casts.

The only problem is I can't find the fanfic :(. What I would really, really love is a crossover that slashes the leads, but I'm guessing I'll have to write that myself if I want to read it ::g:: I'm probably looking in the wrong place. 

P.S. if you want to check out these KDramas - type the names into google - they will pop up :). There are DVDs, but they are horrendously expensive. I would love to add them to my collection, but I'm not spending £151 for 12 episodes - sorry! Also it worries me when a title stipulates "Good English Subtitles" :). I believe they are on DramaFever where the subscription is available, it comes up on Amazon US, but it's not on UK.

Can anyone point me at fanfic or is it all in Korean? :)
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