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Seeking Creators of All Kinds for #WriterlyWednesdays

Seeking Creators of All Kinds for #WriterlyWednesdays

I am seeking writers and book people of all kinds to feature on Writerly Wednesdays on my blog Tasha's Thinkings. If you are a blogger, comic creator, cover artist, author (fanfic as well as original) or anything else to do with writerly things I would love to host you.

If you have a book, publication or event to publicise, that's great too - all I ask is that there is some content to the post as well as the advertising. For example, if you are publicising your book, either a guest post (can be just a paragraph or two) or an author interview would be great.

I am happy to create a banner for the top of the post to make it FB and G+ friendly, if you don't already have one you would like me to use. See these posts to see what kind of thing I usually come up with.

The posts usually go live at midnight GMT on the Wednesday they are scheduled for and then in the morning I share them to my followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and G+.

To take part, please fill in THIS FORM and I will get back to you about a spot. Many thanks.

N.B. if the timing is important, i.e. the post will be part of a blog hop, book tour or the like, please let me know in the comments section at the end.

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