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It's done ...

BM2 is finished, and the last scene (yep, you guessed it, the sex scene) is with Soph for beta. Since its in Ch 33 I can't post anything until it comes back even though all the rest is ready to go *pout*.

Would have had it finished before now, but work was mad again today (had very little to do the last two days and this morning I get a phone call and am asked to do something in a day that should take at least two). Piss up - brewery!!! But I have performed a miracle yet again - maybe they should saint me ::g::. Waiting for someone to get back to me about that too, which is why I'm on LJ :).

Hapry birthday to dmitchell1985, killer_the_cat and secret_zephyr. Many happy returns of the day to all of you.
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