Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Morning all

First off, let's play catch up with the birthdays:
Many Happy Returns to alafairnadia and jeannie81 for the 24th,
schulyr and windtossed for the 25th
cydonianknight for the 26th
and fade_into_dark, leianora and vianne78 for today. I do hope you all have/had a lovely day.

Secondly, y'know they say bad things come in threes, well I hope I've had my three. The weekend started beautifully - went shopping, went to the Summer Ball at work, had a wonderful time, but Sunday; what a lovely day that was ... not!

So strike one was my Nana passing away (last month), strike two was my godmother also passing on (this month) and strike three happened yesterday. We get a phone call just after lunch and my Aunt had collapsed with severe abdominal pain and has been rushed to hopsital, so we drop everything and drive my mother up to see her and to make sure that my uncle, who is 20 years my aunt's senior and hence in his 80s is okay. My father would have driven my mother, but he had a baptism to do so he couldn't. Before you all get worried, my Aunt is fine - it was painful, but not serious; a kidney infection, and they packed her home with antibiotics and painkillers.

I would still like to string up the staff of the hospital though - they left her on a trolley for four hours when there was a nice comfy bed right next to her. The poor woman didn't even have a pillow. And let's not talk too much about the toilets; I've seen cleaner places in scummy end of the highstreet. No wonder infections spread in hospitals if they leave the loos in that state. It's no good having a spotless ward if the visitors have to go off and use a place like that and then come back.

For those wondering, yes, I had set yesterday afternoon aside to finish the final chapters of BM2, and hence I haven't done so yet. I intend to finish it today, which hopefully means Soph will beta it for me tonight or tomorrow morning, and then it will be up. Of course it could just be that the universe doesn't want me to finish this fic, ever! It's beginning to feel a bit like that.
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