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Seeking Pre-Release Reviewers for eBooks

Seeking Pre-Release Reviewers for eBooks

If you are here for Writerly Wednesday, today's post is a guest interview with the lovely Dorothy Massey and may be found here.

So Sophie and I are currently looking for people who would be willing to be pre-release reviewers for Wittegen Press. Before you click on to another page, this involves FREE books :).

We are seeking individuals who would be willing to read and give honest reviews of advanced copies (ARCs) of our books prior to general release. If you would be interested please:

  1. Fill in this Google Form :

  2. If you are accepted we will then add you to the Wittegen Press Reviewers mailing list.

Don't worry, people on the mailing list will NOT be expected to review all books. We totally understand that there are times when we all do not have time to drop everything to read a book or a particular book may not be within our genres of choice.

The system for reviewing will be as follows:

  1. An email will be sent to the Wittegen Press Reviewers list with details of the book to be reviewed.

  2. Those interested in reviewing it will respond by filling in a Google form for that book.

  3. We will select a group of reviewers from the pool.

  4. Those selected will be sent an ARC of the book in their format of choice with the proviso they will read it within a certain time, which will be stipulated with each book.

  5. If we have more reviewers than required, those not selected in that particular instance will be notified.

  6. Individuals will then give an honest review of the book at Amazon and any other places they frequent on the web.

Many thanks to all those who are interested.

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