Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I'm very glad I'm not in a rush with anything this week!

So yesterday I see there are updates to windows, so I click on them and let them install. I start to worry a little when this takes nearly an hour, but at least I can use the PC while this is going on.

What it failed to mention was that it would take 4 hours to complete once the install had been done. It hijacked my PC after I restarted and refused to give it back.

Then this morning, it seemed to have finished, but it was another 20mins before it finished logging in. Then there were even more updates and since nothing was working correctly I installed them.

Some how it managed to set half my windows to appear off my screens - you'd think with 3 it could at least pick one of them!

Not only that, but it crashed Chrome somehow once I did get back in and caused it to lose all my extensions, including OneTab. So I then spent another couple of hours going through an on disk cache type file in AppData which had most of the URLs in it in plain text, plucking them out so I could find them again. *head desk*

I have not had a good day!

However, all is well now, thank heavens. I'm just trying to think what to do for Fan Friday tomorrow on my Tasha's Thinking's Blog - I can't decide between Highlander or Dune :).
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