Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays 30th Novemeber - 6th December

Apologies, I was so busy being pleased with myself for being three days ahead on my blog posting, that I forgot to do the birthdays yesterday.

Happy Birthday to:

30th: tainted_sanzo,[personal profile] mrs_tribble
1st: clevermomi, no_pickles, vyperdd, cynicalkarma626, jess_darkwater
2nd: red_rahl,[personal profile] idaho, bbombay, wren_chan, iantorules, chera
3rd: sexxypirate, nluvwanangel
4th: cujoy
5th: oogies4u,[personal profile] ghighines, etrangerici
6th: allexandrya

Many Happy Returns to you all.
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