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NaNoWriMo - Nearly There!

Woohoo - I am less the 3K away from 50K words and I should be able to write that tomorrow no problem (it's going to be a busy weekend so I want to finish before it).

Of course I then still have to finish the fic, which is looking about 3/4 done, but I know I can do that now. Yay!

I have so enjoyed this NaNoWriMo; it has rekindled my love of fanfiction. I thought maybe I'd lost it, even though I still love to read it, but I haven't, it's still there, it just hadn't been used in a while.

I've just reposted a new edit of Gold Tinted Spectacles to AO3 - it's just a tidy up of the previous version, but it needed it, so I took some time to do it. I will get round to posting the update here too, but I haven't decided quite how to do it yet. I think reposting might be easier, since then I can use the crosspost option rather than doing 40 chapters twice, but I'm not quite sure :).

I hope everyone else's NaNo has gone/is going well. Are you all nearing the finish line? I know you can do it.

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