Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays 26th October - 15th Novemeber

My apologies for the tardiness in some of these birthday wishes - I have no excuse, I was just distracted.

Happy Birthday to:

26th: denitta, geinahop
27th: blue_hearts, damn_my_mind, elychari, alyneese
28th: [personal profile] inkbottle,[personal profile] inoru_no_hoshi
29th: aliciajd, kissas_fate
30th: flawless_beauti
31st: hitsuzen_hime, mattimooz, tifsuz, chyna_rose23
2nd:[personal profile] lil_litworm
3rd: sublimeromance,[personal profile] fae_boleyn, kyosanimebitch,[personal profile] maikie
4th: azrielen,[personal profile] faerielissa
5th: papercutperfect
6th: hallowedresin/[personal profile] hallowedresin, rainien
7th: bluegothic, lada_hitam, queenmuffykins, shamera, hpstrangelove
10th: phoenixphire09
11th: dustybin, teacosy, infynitehexes, saddle_tramp/[personal profile] saddle_tramp
12: phoenix_starr
13th: spinifex_faerie,[personal profile] discursive, crazybeutuiful
14th: eviljade,[personal profile] cyberwitch13666
15th: xrain_princessx, sunnymi, insane_no_baka

Many Happy Returns to you all.

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