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Hope everyone's NaNo'ing is going well.

I do hope everyone's NaNoWriMo is going well. As you can see I am on track, but I have had a couple of days where I didn't make my word count (mostly only by a hundred words or so). I did, however, take my own advice and made sure I made up the deficit the very next day.

The red day on Sat was caused by the fact that Rob and I have just mainlined The Blacklist s1 and started on s2. We did nothing all day on Sat after lunch except watch episodes, so I had to do a double word count yesterday afternoon. It was so worth it.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing Harry Potter fanfiction - it's so much fun. I keep having to go check my facts to make sure I am not making a heinous mistake, but since GTS goes AU after OOtP and it was written before we'd ever heard of the really complex stuff in HBP and tDH so I don't have to worry about that canon, since DPO is a direct sequel to that with its own fanon :). I only have to think about everything that came before it. I had also forgotten just how much information and meta there is out there for HP, even more so these days it seems :).

I'm having a blast, but the damn story keep growing more scenes. I already have the complete timeline worked out, but I keep realising that it needs a new scene here or there for the details and adding them in. Then one idea cross-pollinates with another and before I know it I have a whole chapter I didn't realise I was writing. It's awesome :).

(I just went through and checked - I have 127 scenes planned, 20 of them are finished (1st edit), 30 of them are mostly finished (draft) and the rest are all just outlines - I have a bit of writing to do :)).

How are your NaNo's going? Are you having fun?
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