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Fic: Black Magic By Moonlight 26 of 35 (HP/AB xover) [R/15] or [NC17/18]

WARNINGThis chapter contains adult content of a semi-explicit nature. Rated R/15WARNING

Title: Black Magic by Moonlight - A Harry Potter/ Anita Blake crossover
Chapter: 26 of 35 - The Public Eye
Author: Beren
Pairings: Asher/Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Nathaniel, Harry/Nathaniel/Draco, Harry/Draco, Anita/Micah
Rating: R/15 or NC17/18
Summary: Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake?
Chapter listing: click here for other parts, publishing schedule and A/N
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling and Laurell K. Hamilton, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books, Raincoast Books, Orbit books, Time Warner Book group, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: This story is set post Harry Potter and the OotP and post Incubus Dreams and therefore has SPOILERS for all previous books. If you don’t want to know anything that went on in or before HP book five or AB book twelve do not read this story.

Chapter 26 The Public Eye

Anita had found it vaguely amusing when Lupin had spent a good half an hour apologising for growling at anyone who so much as went near Jason. She wasn't sure quite how she felt about the whole situation, but Jason had seemed to be enjoying himself, even going so far as to see what was setting his companion off. It was typical Jason, but what was most telling to Anita was the fact that her friend had always returned to Lupin's side every time. Jason liked to play, but there was a serious undertone there as well, and Anita did not think anyone in the room had missed it.

Jean-Claude had seen fit to explain that Lupin's state of agitation was a perfectly normal reaction and that it would pass and when Richard had concurred that sometimes werewolves were over protective with their other halves after stressful situations everyone had accepted the behaviour calmly. Anita had been itching to put in a few sarcastic comments after Richard's announcement, but had managed to hold off.

Everything had been rather civilised since, quite unlike most gatherings Anita was used to when it came to the preternatural. Jean-Claude had taken Harry aside to have a quiet word about the wizard's wolf problem; Richard had managed to get close enough to Lupin and Jason without setting off Lupin to talk to them before the pair had disappeared to have a private chat, which had left Anita playing piggie in the middle with Nathaniel and Draco.

Draco, it seemed, had polite conversation while keeping an eye out for any possible situations in the room, down to an art form, but luckily for Anita they had not had to keep it up for long. Once Jason and Lupin had requested the use of the next room the rest of the group had come back together and the conversation had turned to current threat to the preternatural community. Richard hadn't been pleased about being out of the loop for so long, but after a little snit fit had calmed down.

When Lupin and Jason had returned from their private talk they had seemed much more relaxed around each other and had joined the other conversation as if everything was perfectly normal, well almost. It was when it came time for Jean-Claude to leave that things became interesting again.

"My apologies," Jean-Claude said as the conversation broke, "but I am afraid I must take my leave. There are other matters which require my attention this evening."

"Me too," Anita agreed, looking at her watch and realising that she had stayed longer than she had planned, "I was supposed to be in the office half an hour ago."

The idea had been to meet up with everyone here, then drop Nathaniel off at Guilty Pleasures so he could get a lift home with Micah when Micah had finished a Coalition meeting. The problem was that taking a trip to the club would make her late for her first client and if she was late one more time Bert was going to blow a gasket.

"I'll get a cab home later," Nathaniel said before she could broach the subject.

He gave her a knowing smile and for the thousandth time she wondered how it was Nathaniel seemed to be able to read her like a book. It wasn't as if she was broadcasting; she knew her defences were in place, but sometimes it was as if her pomme de sang could see right through them.

"I have classes to prepare for," Richard appeared to have decided to join the exodus, which really only left one person.

Anita looked at Jason who appeared a little awkward, which for Jason was unusual. The werewolf seemed to be able to fit in anywhere and was usually hanging around with a cocky smile no matter what. The only times Anita had seen him completely lost was when in the presence of very powerful vampires who were playing games.

"I will see you tomorrow, Jason," Jean-Claude said as if everyone wasn't trying to figure out what would happen now. "I believe it would be wise for you to remain here tonight. That is of course if there is a room available."

"The house elves have made up all the spare rooms just in case," Draco said with a nod. "They don't have much to do usually and they keep hoping for more guests. You're welcome to take you pick."

Jason gave a small smile of thanks, but it was obvious the werewolf was still not quite comfortable about the idea. Anita suspected it had something to do with being Jean-Claude's pomme de sang and being away from the Circus. Jason was not usually insecure, but Anita could tell that her friend was a little bit confused about the situation.

"We will talk tomorrow, mon ami," Jean-Claude said and Anita suspected the vampire was thinking along the same lines she was, "once you and yours have had a chance to adjust to this new arrangement."

Somehow Jean-Claude managed to make it sound as if it was some carefully laid out contract rather than Lupin having jumped Jason in the middle of the living room; Anita always wondered how her vampire lover did it. Possibly it was just the French accent.

Standing up she gave Jason a supportive smile and hoped that this was going to all work out for the best. The conversation she had once had with the werewolf, where he had told her what he wanted from love, kept coming back to her and she could see that with Lupin, Jason might find it, but it made things so complicated. Lupin being from England; Jason being Jean-Claude's pomme de sang; and Lupin being quite possibly unstable were just a few of the complications she could see to any long lasting relationship.

With a sigh she could come to only one conclusion; right now it was none of her business. If Lupin hurt Jason then she would be there to help pick up the pieces and exact revenge, but as it was the werewolves were on their own.

"Well, thanks for an interesting evening," she said looking at her hosts and trying to sound cheerful. "I'll see most of you tomorrow."

There were goodbyes of several descriptions from those staying and Nathaniel bounced out of his chair to give her a peck on the cheek as she headed for the door. Over thinking the situation was likely to agitate her and she didn't need that for work, so she gave Jason and Lupin a smile and tried to put it to the back of her mind. She had zombies to raise; she could worry about this later.


It had been quite an evening and Harry still couldn't quite believe everything that had happened. He never would have guessed that Remus and Jason were a match, not in a million years, but when it was there in the open it made a weird kind of sense. Harry had felt the fierceness of Remus' love, experienced the depth of feeling his friend was capable of first hand. After he had killed Voldemort it had been Remus at his side first as he recovered; Remus who had bodily removed a misguided reporter from the room when the man had tried to sneak in; and Remus, along with Draco who had told the Ministry where to shove their celebration plans when they wanted an exhausted Harry to give a speech of all things.

Under the calm, placid exterior of Remus Lupin there was a passionate, active human being, and Harry knew Remus would never abandon Jason. In this equation it was more Jason that had him worried. He didn't know Jean-Claude's pomme de sang well, even though they were casual friends and Jason had allowed him to take blood. Jason was a flirt of the highest order and a mischief maker and Harry didn't know him well enough to figure out how the younger werewolf would be handling the whole situation.

The evening had been promising even though Jason seemed to be pushing the envelope the whole time. After Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard had left, Jason had plonked himself into Remus' lap and refused to move, much to Remus' embarrassment. However, it hadn't escaped Harry that Remus had not been trying too hard to rectify the situation.

Being semi-nocturnal these days they hadn't retired to bed until the early hours of the morning, which had given them all plenty of time for talking. Not much had been remotely deep conversation, but Harry knew a lot more about Jason and a lot more about the Marauders thanks to the topics of conversation. Jason's eyes had lit up at some of the tales Remus had told about Harry's father and friends, and he suspected that Jason might be considering lightening the atmosphere back at the Circus sooner or later.

When they had finally decided to go to bed, Nathaniel had headed home, Draco had shown Jason to one of the spare rooms, Remus had gone to his room and Harry had followed Draco to his. Sometimes they ended up in Harry's room and sometimes in Draco's, but they no longer slept alone. Given that it was late, or early depending on your perspective, and the fact that it had been a rather exciting evening, Draco had gone straight to sleep. Harry, on the other hand had tried, and failed to do the same.

Having highly sensitive hearing did occasionally have its disadvantages, like the fact that lying in bed Harry could hear all sorts of noises coming from around the house. For a start, he was pretty sure one of the portraits on the landing snored, and at times like these when his brain did not seem to want to turn off it meant he couldn't get to sleep. Even with Draco's warm body and soft breathing a few centimetres away he could not make himself drop off.

He was going over the evening's events for what felt like the hundredth time when he heard a door open. Any remote semblance of sleep that he may or may not have been heading towards vanished and he listened more closely. The noise had been too faint to be Remus' door, but in Harry's estimation it was just far enough away to be Jason's. Now in a normal house this wouldn't have been particularly unusual, after all people did have to use the loo in the middle of the night from time to time, but Harry knew for a fact that every bedroom in the Malfoy house had an ensuite bathroom.

There was a bathroom off the hall as well in case of emergencies, the one he had locked himself in when he'd had his breakdown, but unless Jason had managed to destroy his already the werewolf was not out of his room for that. Harry wasn't really suspicious of his friend, but he was curious. It was possible Jason was in the same state he was and just needed to walk it off, but Harry kept listening anyway; ears strained for any sound.

Lycanthropes could move very quietly and he heard nothing else until the sound of a light tapping on a door reached him. It was a very quiet tap, only designed for the person inside the room to hear, but Harry recognised it and he knew where it was coming from. Remus' room was only two doors down and that was where the knocking was originating.

"Yes?" he heard Remus' surprisingly awake voice answer the knock.

The door opened a little way and Harry could imagine Jason leaning around it.

"Can't sleep," Jason said in what had to have been little more than a whisper, "mind if I come in?"

"No," Remus' reply sounded almost relieved, "not at all. Please do."

The sound of the door opening further and then closing was all Harry heard for a while. With two closed doors between him and the sounds he couldn't hear that much, but he was sure there was no more conversation. Jason didn't appear to be visiting Remus to talk and Harry had almost convinced himself that he shouldn't be listening anymore when he heard it. It was so faint that he almost missed it, but it made it through and he understood the sound instantly. It was a contented sigh; the sound of someone finding the spot they felt best about and Harry recognised that feeling.

With a small smile he looked at his sleeping lover beside him. Oh yes, he knew that feeling well. Putting his arms inside the covers he turned on his side, snuggled down under the blankets and insinuated his arm over Draco. He thought that maybe he'd be able to sleep now.

"Harry," Draco's said in a sleepy voice.

"Hmm," he replied, looking up to see that the Slytherin had not bothered to open his eyes.

"Your hand is bloody freezing."


Something woke Harry, but when he first opened his eyes he wasn't sure what it had been. Draco was still deeply asleep if the Slytherin's breathing was anything to go by and did not appear to have moved recently, so Harry didn't think it had been Draco that had dragged him from dreamland. He lay quietly for a moment trying to puzzle out the answer to the question, but he hadn't quite escaped sleep completely and he gradually began to dose again.

It was in this half waking and half sleeping state that he heard it: a groan, and it was not a simple groan, no, it was the kind of heartfelt groan that sent blood rushing to his nether regions. Someone somewhere was having something incredibly wonderful or excruciatingly painful done to them and since there was a distinct lack of screaming Harry's autonomic nervous system had come to only one conclusion. There was sex occurring.

Being half asleep he had absolutely no defences and his morally correct brain didn't even have a chance to tell him off for listening.

"God, Remus," Jason's voice was so full of lust that virtually all the blood drained out of Harry's head and into his groin, "I don't care what you're doing, just don't stop."

There was a chuckle somewhere near the voice, tinged with power and dominance and it was all Harry's beast needed to sit up and take notice. The sound of skin on skin reached his ears and he breathed in deeply, taking in Draco's scent and holding it. Rational thinking had no place in the bed with him and he pushed himself up, rubbing his body against Draco's as he did so.

A sleepy mumble was the only response from his lover, but the little gasps of pleasure he could hear from the other room urged him onwards. He was hungry for sex and he wanted to hear those same sounds coming from his lover. Even as he moved his mind was strangely focused, split between the noises that had first woken him and the sight of Draco's lithe, pale body as he moved the blanket further down the bed, making a strange mixture of remote and near experiences.

Jason was breathing hard and Harry could hear the sound of lips on skin and he bent to mirror the movements he could hear. The moan from Draco made him smile as he swiped his tongue over one pink nipple and then kissed the same spot. In his mind's eye it was almost as if he could see what he was listening to and strange abstract forms that were a little Remus-like and Jason-like played out the sounds in his head.

"Harry?" Draco's voice was sleepy and confused as if the Slytherin didn't really know what was going on.

A little lingering dreamland was not going to stop Harry though, and he continued what he was doing until he was drawing little noises from his lover in time with those Jason was making. Part of his mind was horrified that he was listening to the closest person he had to a father figure making love to his chosen mate, but the rational part of Harry's mind was not very loud at the moment. That he seemed to know far more than he should do from just sounds also entered his head for only a moment before being thrust out by lust and desire.

In his mind Remus was moving lower leaving small trails with his tongue on taught, shivering flesh and Harry followed suit on Draco, almost as if they were all in some strange dance. It didn't matter if the images in his mind were his imagination interpreting what he was hearing or if somehow he was connected to what was going on, all that mattered was that he follow the pattern.

"Oh," Jason sounded about as in control as Draco looked, writhing under Harry as he found sweet spot after sweet spot of flesh to worship.

The tight little hitch of breath and then another low moan translated as only one thing in Harry's mind and Draco made virtually exactly the same noise when he swooped on his lover's erection and took it into his mouth as far as he could.

"Harry," Draco groaned into the pillow, his head turning to one side and his fingers weaving through Harry's hair.

Jason's whimpers muddled with Draco's so that Harry could barely tell the difference and what he was doing and what he was hearing became one big muddle of experience. Taste and smell and sight were full of Draco as he ran his tongue over the head of his lover's shaft, but his ears were full of sounds from everywhere, seemingly equal in strength. He could feel the lycanthrope energy from the wolves almost as if they were in the same room and it was almost as intoxicating as his own mate.

"Remus, I'm going to... if you keep... oh god!"

Jason was not being loud, but his whispered words were as clear as day to Harry. The constructs in his head were sprawled on the bed with Remus almost lying between his lover's knees as Jason clung to the sheets, head back in ecstasy.

As Harry listened to Jason barely holding on he increased his pace with Draco, sucking and moving his mouth to draw equal sounds from his lover. Draco seemed far more conscious that there were sharp eared lycanthropes in the house and was making small desperate noises, trying to keep his voice down. It was almost more exciting than the louder sounds of appreciation coming from the other. The way Draco whimpered and writhed under his touch caused his beast to move under his skin and his vampire to stir sleepily at the back of his mind. This was real dominance; the ability to take away a lover's will and to leave them shuddering with pleasure.

The sounds from the other room were becoming louder and part of Harry's mind wondered if Draco could hear them yet, but he felt no embarrassment about his behaviour or that of their guests. As Jason's voice abandoned him completely and his breathing came in sharp, throaty gasps Harry knew the werewolf was almost there. He could feel the sexual energy as if it was tangible and when Jason let go a cry of release Harry felt white hot energy flood his system. Without even thinking about what he was doing he opened the marks between himself and Draco as he sucked his lover as hard as he could.

Draco put his head back and keened, bucking into Harry's mouth and releasing his seed onto the waiting tongue. Harry drank down everything Draco had, taking all there was on offer and feeling his lover's release wash over him. It was wonderful and satisfying and Harry only released his prize reluctantly as Draco began whimpering when he continued to play.

Laying his head on the pale thigh next to his cheek he looked up and gave a smile that he suspected looked very self-satisfied. Draco was a boneless sprawl on the bed and when those grey eyes opened and looked down at him the Slytherin appeared rather dazed. They might have just lain there a while looking at each other had not Harry's hearing decided to continue to inform him of what was going on in the other room.

There was a quiet mew from Jason and a dominant growl from Remus as Harry realised the encounter was not over. His beast shifted inside him as his own arousal became prominent in his mind and he knew that the animal part of him liked the idea of continuing. The sound of a body being flipped reached his ears and the low groan of someone on overload being taken even farther. His brain provided him with a detailed visual on what it thought Remus was doing and about to do to Jason and unfortunately the few moments of post coital bliss had given his sentient brain time to catch up with his hormones.

He was actually quite horrified by what he was thinking as reality made itself known and his beast suggested that he flip Draco and follow Remus' example. When there was the sound of slick skin and his libido informed him of several things that could be he sat up and tried desperately to think of something else.

"Harry, you okay?" Draco asked, waking up as Harry prayed for deliverance as Jason started to become more vocal again.

It was as if he was tuned in and he couldn't switch off the radio.

"Um, I..." Harry really didn't know what to say and he blushed furiously.

The sound of skin against skin reached him and Jason gave an almighty howl that even Draco heard.

"Oh, that explains the early morning wake up call," his lover said with a smile, "you can hear our lovebirds can't you."

Harry just blushed more and tried very, very hard not to hear the noises that two bodies made contact with each other time and again.

"Shower," he finally said desperately, "need something loud."

He didn't think it was fair when Draco laughed at him as he bolted for the bathroom.


Neither Jason or Remus had shown up for breakfast and Harry had tried very hard to make sure that there was enough noise so he couldn't hear anything going on upstairs. Draco had thought this was very funny considering what they had been getting up to before they came down that morning, but there were just some things that Harry did not need to witness when he did not have the distraction of Draco's body very close to his own. He was very grateful that he did not have to face his friends because he knew without a doubt, that if he had heard them, they had heard him. Jason, at least, was bound to tease him mercilessly.

He had been almost glad when the phone call from Lieutenant Storr came through and requested his presence at the station. The excuse had been that they needed some clarification on one of his statements, but Harry had suspected and subsequently been proved right, that Storr had wanted his some place he could interrogate him about the visions without being interrupted. It was after explaining for the fifth time that he had no control over what he saw or when he saw it that he'd had enough.

"That's it," he said, standing up and about one breath away from losing his temper, "I am going to say this once more using very short words that I'm sure you'll understand. I do not choose what I see or when I see it. I may never have another vision or I may have one five minutes from now. Just because you want a thing to be true does not mean it is true and I am not some toy you can turn on and off. Now I'm going home and if you want to ask anymore questions you can bloody well do it there."

"Walk out that door and I'll have you arrested as an accessory," Storr was not in a rational mood.

Zerbrowski winced where he was standing against the wall and Harry had a simple choice; he could go off the deep end and scream at the man in front of him, or he could fall back on the coldly logical side of his personality. Through most of his adolescence the former would have been the most likely option, but lately it could go either way.

"By all means please try, Lieutenant," Harry said in his best impression of Draco, "and I will guarantee that this department will be digging itself out of paper work and lawsuits until Christmas. I'm the victim here, and just because I have been infected with lycanthropy and vampirism, against my will I might add, it does not mean you can treat me like the dirt on your shoe just because you don't happen to like it. I have been patient, I have been helpful and you just pushed it too far. I'm only seventeen, Lieutenant, and believe me I know quite how illegal you having me in here without a legal adult actually is."

There was only so far goodwill would take a person and Harry had found his limit. It was obvious Storr had decided that now that Harry was spending time with the preternatural residents of the city he was not to be trusted, which was completely ridiculous. He'd had enough of the veiled insinuations and Draco had to be bored out of his mind sitting in the squad room. It was time to leave before he really did lose hold on his temper; that would not be pretty and then the police might actually have a reason to arrest him.

Storr was definitely annoyed, but when Harry walked towards the door, neither police man moved to stop him. He walked swiftly down the corridor, back to the squad room and straight over to where Draco was reading a book.

"Time to go home," he said in a very tight voice as Draco looked up.

His boyfriend did not argue at all and stood up, placing a calming hand on his back as they made their way to the exit. Harry would much rather have just Apparated back to the house, but disappearing in the middle of a police station would not have been a good idea. What he really wasn't expecting was the person who fell against him almost the moment he stepped outside the door. It was almost too fast to follow and almost innocent enough to seem like an accident, but not quite.

The woman had stumbled just in front of him and fell towards him, making as if to grab anything to break her fall. What she managed to grab was the neck of the old T-shirt he had thrown on that morning and not bothered to change out of for the police station. Had it been new the result might not have been so spectacular, but it was one of Dudley's cast offs that he just happened to have kept and the neck was big to begin with. Under the extra strain the cloth stretched so far that it revealed a good portion of his chest.

At that moment some instinct made him raise his hand in front of his face and then a flash went off. It all happened so quickly that for a moment Harry thought about helping the woman and forgetting the flash and then his brain caught up and he realised that he had just been set up. Someone had just taken his picture with the spell clearly visible and it had been deliberate. He looked up, but the photographer was already hightailing it into the car park. Without making an even bigger spectacle of himself, Harry knew there was no way to catch the man.

The woman whom Harry was sure was part of the set-up was sitting on the floor looking dazed. She was a good actor if nothing else, and looking at her perfectly schooled features Harry felt his beast shifting under his skin. He had had just about all he could take and he grabbed Draco's hand and dragged his boyfriend around the side of the building. Not really caring if they were completely out of sight he took hold of Draco and Apparated them both back home before he killed someone.


Anita had thought she had seen Harry angry before, like when he had had his first vision, but she realised that she had been wrong. Then the young wizard had been annoyed, now, as he paced around her kitchen, he was angry. The fury was coming off him in waves and the mix of lycanthrope and vampiric power that was flying around the room was rather disconcerting.

The number of expletives that had fallen from Harry's lips had also been rather alarming. Anita had heard her English guests swear before, but never in a long stream of words that sounded as if it changed languages on the way several times as well. When Harry and Draco had arrived, the younger of the two had been a silent seething mass of anger, but it hadn't been long before he exploded, and no one could do anything about it.

Looking around the room Anita was pretty sure no one was going to try either; there was such a thing as self preservation. Nathaniel had pushed himself so far back in one corner that she thought he might be trying to disappear through the wall and Anita was sure he would have been gone from the room if leaving hadn't meant moving closer to Harry in some way. Micah was sat at the table trying to look calm and in control and Draco was standing in the doorway with his hand surreptitiously in his clothes where Anita was sure he kept his wand. Since Draco had exhibited the fact that he did not need a wand for most of whatever it was the wizards did to achieve their ends, Anita was worried by his posture.

"I cannot believe someone printed that," Harry ranted, the paper in his hand giving a quiet ripping sound as he shook it. "They all but printed my sodding name."

The wizard was walking up and down beside the table as if stopping would cause the stored energy to explode out of him. It was like watching a ticking bomb moving back and forwards and Anita was not quite sure how to defuse it.

"I thought the press at home were bad," Harry continued, seemingly oblivious to the affect he was having on the room, "but this tops anything Rita Skeeta managed even at her best."

The paper landed on the table with a thump and Anita had her first clear look at what had Harry so wound up. She had spoken to an agitated Draco the day before and had heard about what Dolph had tried to pull and the photographer incident, but she had not yet seen the result of these occurrences.

There in the middle of the front page of the local paper, all be it with his arm in front of his face, was Harry; spell scar clearly visible where a hand was pulling his T-shirt down. The headline read 'Police Quiz Survivor of Black Magic Sacrifice'. Now Anita understood exactly why Harry was so worked up. Harry's existence and connection to the case was a secret; for his safety and for the integrity of the investigation. That he was front page news could be devastating.

"What the hell happened to confidentiality?" Harry was still ranting. "Do these people have no idea what they're doing? This isn't some bloody game. People could get hurt. They ever printed where Draco lives, for god's sake. How the hell did they know?"

There was only one way Anita could think of that the whole photo scenario could have been set up and the details of the case could turn up in the press, and that was a leak in the department, but she didn't think it would be a good time to tell Harry that.

"If this is some scheme by Storr to get these madmen to show their hand I will make him regret it," Harry was gesticulating so wildly that if anyone had been standing next to him they would have been hit, "and if anyone gets hurt because of this someone will pay."

Now that was one idea that had not occurred to Anita, but then she knew Dolph. He could be an ass when he wanted to be, but endangering witnesses and a case was not his style. Anita could see the situation turning very nasty if Harry continued with that train of thought.

"Harry," she snapped with all the authority she could muster.

The eyes that pinned her down were cat green and glowing; Harry really was about to lose control and he was vibrating in place. This had gone far enough and Anita was going to do something about it.

"Dolph wouldn't have done that," she said firmly, holding the eerie gaze without flinching even though the majority of her wanted to back away.

"But I'm one of the monsters, Anita," Harry replied, voice vibrating with anger, "and so my state of health doesn't matter anymore."

Anita knew Dolph had a problem with preternaturals, but she also knew that no matter how riled up he was, Dolph would never have leaked information to the press. Not without using it as part of a deliberate plan that had been discussed with all those involved.

"He's prejudiced," she said firmly, "but he's not the leak. You can be sure he is trying to find it even now. Harry, this was not Dolph's doing; he wouldn't have hidden it if he intended something like this, he would have just told you."

It would not have been unlike Dolph to decide something like this needed to be done, but it would have been handled very differently.

The green eyes looking at her were still angry, but the almost feral snarl that went with them was fading.

"You're staying here," Anita said, broking no argument. "You and Draco can have Nathaniel's old room; Lupin can stay at the Circus with Jason. Until these lunatics are caught I don't want any of you near that house. If they know where you live, you don't live there anymore."

She watched as the glow slowly faded from Harry's eyes. His anger was still palpable, but the fury was dying.

"Why here?" it was Draco who asked the question. "Wouldn't it be better if we all stayed at the circus?"

"The press keep an eye out there whenever there is a preternatural crime in the news," Anita said in what she thought was a very reasonable manner. "Here no one should be able to find you and I think its time to use the muscle we have available. It's time for a pard get together."

The energy coming from Harry was no longer anywhere as strong and the young wizard had stopped shaking, but he was far from calm. Anita could see that her point had been made, but there was distrust in Harry's eyes that had not been there before. She did not think that it was aimed at her, but it was clear Harry had had experience with this type of thing before. As she watched Draco came up behind Harry and put a gentle hand on the other wizard's shoulder. There was a moment where Harry tensed, but as Draco gently moved his fingers Harry slowly began to relax.

The crisis had been averted, but Anita knew she had many people to talk to, to sort this out. She wanted Harry and Draco where she could keep an eye on them, and she wanted to know what the hell Dolph was doing to plug his leak. If anyone was hurt because of this Harry would not be the only one looking for blood.

End of Chapter 26
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    Mon, 10:39: RT @ lazyjunebug: thank you fall out boy for providing us with at least another 5 years of fanfic titles

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    Wed, 10:35: RT @ maatdraws: "But even as it fell it swung its whip, and the thongs lashed and curled about the wizard’s knees, dragging him to…

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    Tue, 09:56: @ ParamountUK Hello, I have a blu-ray box set of Mission Impossible the Original Series. It seems to have 1 wonky disc out of the…